Capability, Clarity, Cohesion


Sitting here just arrived back to my university town,
feeling “on my way”, gathered, and just clear inside my being,
despite moving chaos and boxes all around this tiny apartment
I am feeling an upgrade in its full sense – as cliché as this might sound, since 2019 rolled in and I spent a week in paradise reconnecting with who I am in my core essence, and bringing that energy here onwards and upwards into this spring term. A part of me didn’t wanna leave the Canaries and hesitated coming back but the moment I arrived last night it all felt right again. And of course getting a text from my soul sister Christin (who didn’t know I’d just arrived, telepathy!) telling me to join them out that very minute helped that sensation of rightness and being where I’m supposed to right now in life. Here’s some of what I’m listenin to in a spotify playlist! May the good times keep on rolling and my experience be continually opened up to it. In all it’s abundance, colour, health and clarity…

Hey 2019


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