There is so much ready to happen. Sensing the surge before the stream. Of water, of consciousness, of healing. One heart step. Even days you have no idea what words will come. Put pen to paper, hands to keys anyway and let free. Let what may come come. It is your next little revolution.


Observing myself touching base with inner spaces. I can feel my thoughts carving out new pathways in my mind. Finding new ground.

And being drawn here reminds me of the potential when one is quiet and is kept quiet for long enough to build something here.

I am so grateful for my being. My wholeness. The cracks that let light in where movement and evolution needs happen. The humility to accept and the strength to let go. And all I can say right now is, I’m ready.

I say yes.


from where I sit in this chair writing notes
studying dreams into reality
my inner scape an evolving paradise
lessons integrating, neural pathways emerging;
each day crystallising
Blanca means white, pure, shining ––
and the more I allow
the more I seem to return
to this clean white slate of my soul.

soul embers

I dream of one day reaching out
my hand to the ready ones, sayin
will you go with me?
where waves hold our bodies in summer
perfect flakes stroke our cheeks in winter
& there is nothing, but our soul embers, and the elements
each day savoured
in purpose, passion and productivity

each day reconstructing my inner self
is one shift closer to this truth,
one metamorphosis clearer
and soon,
denial of it is a tale long forgotten –

we are wonderous wanderers made for the entirety of brilliance this world exuberates
and our hearts could possibly behold

We are the riders and alivers, bright as RA. 

Souldust is back

there it is rushing back in
making its way into crown
down my spine
into the pit of my stomach
and the lush depths
of my feminal chamber

I shiver
I gasp
I put down my fingers
I write,
literally in-spired

this is
the sex of expression
life force is back
the door has opened
it has invited my body back in!

to think it just as vibrant now
as it was long deep in sleep
and I nearly lost track
nearly forgot
when the path overgrown
protected the seeds
not until this moment
ready to bloom

this is where the magic happens
the breath deepens
dust settles
horizon clears

And so I begin