Stockholm, I’m coming home

For years I couldn’t find my place with you,
But now this knowing that it’s time to return and build magic you and me – and all faeries in between – is stronger than any decision I’ve made in a long time
It’s been showing up in people and opportunities presenting themselves, my tribe this side of the globe extensively being there, and a deeply rooted sense of potential, excitement and tingles all over my body. I CAN’T WAIT TO BE HOME, 

Stockholm, I’m coming home!

To D.

To you D, I hope this post will inspire you to feel at home in the world and within yourself again. Love you.

Mold your own soles, deep n nourishing, rooting f*ing deep, because your heart is yours and you’ve gotta protect your own feet ~ the satisfaction they get from involving themselves in your journey is not worth you overshadowing your own inner voice

Don’t ask them the way towards a destination way off their map
You have the steps within
It is up to you to sense em, draw em out and accept that they wanna be found one at a time instead of all out, complete at once

If I can be even a tiny part or reason why humans are still are going on and trying rather than sinking or falling… Then This is my Raison D’être… Reason to live and to give. I know I’m here to support everyone who are ready for my assistance and so it’s my greatest joy and honour to be here for you. Not here for you in your place, but next to you, here for you when you call me or need guidance. And you’ve also guided me through your messages and all your undying support and unconditional love that is so rare for me to receive in this form you are giving to me. In its raw form. I love you. Remember this till the end of time. You are so loved. By me, by the trees and the moon and the stars. You are so loved, by the Earth, by the Sky up high and deep depths of Rivers down low. you are loved by your heart that keeps beating for you when you are in awe or when you are in despair. Still your lungs stretch and fall. Still your legs keep you walking and the ground kisses your feet as you do. Even if you don’t feel it. Mother Earth, father sky and all their workers, fairies, plants, waves are here for us, supports us, you are loved unconditionally even though many times… Not by humans, the lower vibrational energy they carry aren’t pure or whole enough to hold a magician like you. Don’t let the way other people behave define the way you treat yourself. Do act as your own sovereign lantern shining of your own accord, needing not other humans to flourish. You are not alone. The moon, the trees and the stars are all rooting from below and cheering from above for you. You’ve got this. One day, you’ll understand the big picture of why it all had to happen and you’ll simply want to go back to your younger self and pat yourself on the back. You’ll be in a beautiful place then and free of all of this. I believe in you. always. 

“you’re a muse in your own right”, he wrote, in effortless sweetness only truth can hold

I know how to be alone. It’s not always my desire or first choice. But I know it so well… because I don’t sacrifice self authenticity + staying true, to fit in or be a part of the masses. For better and for worse this has made me a strong but sometimes solitary woman… Which means very few people know my innermost being and who I actually am when unleashed in light, when I dare, in that quiet but earth quaking, air vibrating, water rippling and fire flaming way I have – when I am me as I was created and meant. 
He touched me and breathed me in, in a way last night that no man has touched me in this way, as delicately and as and simply sacredly, before. And he did it without his body being near mine. Thousands of miles apart and via this medium we now call the internet he wrote me in the early hours of the new day telling it as he sees it, seeing me as I am today, always was and will be. “You’re a muse in your own right”, he wrote, in the effortless sweetness that only truth can hold, “From what I know you are truly you. Only in a thousand true moons we meet someone with a pure soul. You are one”. Earlier the day before I’d shared an old poem I wrote about following one’s flow and not seeking validation… Ironically, this may have been my subconscious’ way of chanting for just that – being seen. Because the words he spoke to me 12 hours ago seemed to fill a chamber deep inside me that has long desired being found, seen, heard. His way of words, as I go through our past messages…. “Good evening Miss Linder”, remind me of his eyes, that mischief he uses to try hide the deep wisdom of his spirit, so calming, familiar to me yet… There is pain in him. I want to kiss his dark corners into light. Not to leave his dark behind, just to love it, accept it, be at peace with it. He needs to know how beautiful he is. The divine masculine in its raw balanced strength. 
He reminds me of a valuable lesson. To not let just anyone in is a pillar of strength I can hold on to because the great reward of knowing myself and being recognized as who I truly am, by a select few only, is the most important gift I experience… In connections, in friendships, in sacred sisterhood or sacred love and sex, in soulful partnerships of all kinds, quality over quantity will always be my motto. When you KNOW yourself… FULLY… You can never in good conscience sell yourself short or overshare yourself again.

I feel alike myself today. And this… This is a feeling that I commit to sustaining for a lifetime of truth telling, art creating, light spreading, and love making in all ways in may be. 

14 May 2019 — to be continued

Benediction and a big f yes ☼

Witness; the woman coming of age, homecoming to body mind soul, FUCK YES I am so ready for this life, more ready than ever before and more ready each new dawning day, YESSSSSSS!!! Hahahahahahah victory is here and unconditional, unwavering LOVE has prevailed, AND I AM HERE! This is the mood, this is the prolonged mood as of late, and it’s about to get even  more stable, even more engrained in my being, cells, body, I am breathing as I deserve, I am breathing as the goddess I am, I am, I am, I am……!

I am not on drugs 😉 I did not do ayahuasca 😉 I do not need anything but that organic life, nature, appreciation and my veins pumpin that blood to the musical flow for me to be utterly fulfilled…

YES! HAHAHA this is me laughing out loud as I write this! CELEBRATION

Oh my gosh



riding solo, and riding together

I’m 25. I’m free. I’m me, I’m solo, but fresh in love, possibly a twosome soon if things turn serious. I’m in that magical place and time of my life where I’ve been around enough to know I love love, and love men, and love myself as an individual with or without a man by my side. I know what I want, I know what I like, I know I also may not know it all until it hits me right in the heart. I am open to change yet unapologetically uncompromisng around my golden core values – I will only ever change so much for a man, I will change for him if I am also changing towards my best possible self. I’ll never change for anyone for any other reason than this; the service of my soul and therefore all. Life is magical. I feel every breath. I was complete with self love and dedication the month building up to this moment, and therefore I am ready to let him in. Exciting to see what happens from this point on in time – either way…. I sense some epic fucking times ahead, more pure and blissful and RIGHT than I ever have felt before….

Not Writer’s Block, Purpose Block.

Re the so called Writer’s Block:

It’s not that your voice is gone,
Your writing skills are blocked,
Or your ability to comprehend yourself is,

It’s actually that you just don’t have
Anything bloody remarkable enough to say
Right now

Because when you have something to say,
And you desire and willpower exceeds more than anything else in that moment,
to put that truth on paper, and speak it into the world,
Honey, believe me when I say
You damn sure will find a way to say it!

When you’ve got purpose,
And Clarity,
And Drive,
you’ve got everything. 

#WritersBlock #Rememberwhoyouare