Hello dear ones! My name is Blanca Isabelle Linder.

I’m a young woman with an ancient soul. I’m all about grounded truth and clarity, here to light things up, connect and have some good f*ckin times on this life journey. Yep, I can be soulful and swear simultaneously, because I believe to explore the fun and infinite in this life I need to be authentic in all that I am. My life journey, one full of hardship and opportunity, disease and health, love and death, magic + the mundane & everything in between, has taught me a few golden things. I am pure angel being + I am also just human. I am dark and I am light. I am sensitive yet strong. I’m a deep lover of all living beings yet I love to meet my inner sacred anger when it’s called for. To release and let go for myself and all, always detoxing the sh*t of this world and myself into purer alignment. Above all I am an artist and a healer. It is through my innermost creative expression that I continuously heal myself and the world, just by breathing. In latin inspire (inspirare) literally means “to breathe into”, and it may then make sense why my core belief is this: it is only through embodying the deep-bellied inspiration that a soundly breathing human experiences, & infusing it with our own creative spark, that we can walk completely grounded and whole in this world. Living a life infused with art, is living a life of healing.
I do this holystically – with a holistic viewpoint from a sacred, holy center. I am a certified yoga teacher, certified life coach, online business professional + reiki healer, and a writing lifelong mystery-mistress and knowledge-hoarder. I’m practitioner and nerd of all things science, spirit, culture, languages, magic, Earth, Space, interdimensionality, and all things natural medicine for body, mind, soul, animals and Earth.


In my personal writings I channel what my spirit, mind,  heart and body need to deliver, put my soul onto paper.

In my professional work I combine my intuitive spark with the art of creating and directing stills & stories through mediums sonic, photographic and cinematic.

Yoga. I believe my artistic streak is felt when I guide others through their body-minds in yoga classes, a priviledge for me. I honour that we are each our own teacher, the goal being to inspire others into greater sense of self and world discovery. I’m certified through Yoga Works USA.

I’m a Certified Life Coach, Reiki Healer & Online Biz Professional via Sanne Aronsson‘s Soul Coach School.

I’ve also been known to DJ / roll some music around at bars in Stockholm, for example Obaren and Restaurant Humlan.


Sweden-born, New Zealand raised, travelled far. My heart loves roaming this wide world & my locations sometimes change – but my roots remain.

Within the world of academics I’ve studied bachelor courses in the program of Cognitive Neuroscience & Applied Positive Psychology.

You can find me on instagram and blancaholystic@gmail.com

Why Zouldust

Because soul is life breath, the infinite spark – and Z was cooler. Dust is what’s left behind of the soul. It is both a legacy and a seed. A past and a future. A merging of worlds. But ultimately –>, it is integrated inspiration. It’s where I create.



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