Blanca of Zouldust

I’m a creative gypsy getting my hands dirty creating, documenting and curating people stories through mediums written, photographed and filmed. I sometimes teach yoga.

I hail from Nordic woods, am raised all over, and commonly found exploring a new mission to create, collect and share life through creative service and empowerment. Whether it is smiling to the bus driver, singing out loud to strangers on the street or assisting other’s good health through yoga. Life is the art, your art is how you live, so make it juicy.

Let’s collab✨

Playing with light through lens, I could do it forever.
My dad got me my first camera at 8 and I remember being obsessed with shooting my kitten at the time. Since then beings captured have widened in range but at heart I’m best working with my soulsistas & brothas.
Book me for all kinda projects. I film and write too.

Photo by @HannahSalter