Cellular alchemy, purified, inside out

let breathe, let free, let be,

you, us, me,

mind meets eye

heart meets feet,

we are here

to defeat

paradigms, still churning our soul,

we warrior on

like never before.

we rage in love,


a mad soft force

the feminine is here,
the masculine supporting,
the balance is happening,


we may have been preparing for aeons,

and no doubt are we READY.

but never could we imagine

it may go

just as wild and true

as this




My Inner Amazon feelz

I’m an Amazon woman

It took me a while to sense that that’s what it was, but I know now, and I know it because my bones tell me so. I don’t know it by logic. My body tells me she feels too big for the car seats, flight seats, apartments, and most rooms and spaces I walk into are contracted into a tiny city human sized situation. I crave SPACE. I crave BIG wide open spaces. I crave WILDNESS. I crave putting on my thigh high badazz warrior boots, warpaint, bow and arrow and hopping on my horse for the millionth time, my body knows that movement better than walking. I CRAVE spreading my WINGS! I crave letting my throat speak fully truly and honestly, the truth and nothing but the truth.

These are my needs. For those who won’t let me pass I say: don’t even try it, Get out of my way. I am here to save the world and I ain’t got no mo fkn time to waste. I will not be silenced, overseen or oppressed any longer. Now let me do my magic.

The mystery

The mystery

Swayin us back and forth

Up and down

In and out

Only to teach us self determination,


And core connection through all these storms

Without knowing all you are not,

How do you know who you truly are?

Discernment, my love

Patience, little life

You got this


this sacred anger of mine

you hear?!

The pain of the children, 
the women,

of the animals, 
the plants, 

of the good men, 
the pain of the ones trying, 

of the innocents, 
the wounded and the healing, 

of the Earth, the core of Mother Earth,
her magna and combustive love

that’s the thing.
When love needs to destroy, it can, and it does.
To ROAR and reset. We are with her in her despair and consequential disasters
To purify. 

But the dead will never be forgotten, 
and their pain will never be justified, 
nothing about this is okay, and as long as we continue our life bubbles as if it is, 
we will be asleep and our sight overdosed by white screens
in the raging storm of this century 
It’s not a natural disaster,
it is a human one, 
and every single one of us is accountable for every single one of our actions, or non-actions 
and if it helps to forgive ourselves for the actions of yesterday, do so, if it means we wake up better humans tomorrow and make some fucking real change happen!

because God will not judge us, 
but you and we all will judge ourselves, 
because imagine talking to ourselves in the afterlife, knowing then that we never did all we could to save us or the world or live our full purpose when we actually lived?
What a tragedy!
Living anything less than my full potential is a form of suffering, but definitely standing by silently while suffering is all around me, is the deepest form. Passivity makes me sick to the core of my belly.


Basic fucking needs

I need my silence, and my sounds
I need my movingarounds, to sow my grounds
I crave the mountains, the rivers deep
I hear their whispers, in my sleep
The goddess-maiden ,
sends me through trees, her prayers
To rip off the conditioned layers,

I do my best with angels song,
to awaken and remind the fallen-asleep,
what home is,
and I navigate the in-betweens…

but not before long,
do I need my wild,
my animals,
my ocean,
to sweep me clean
I am not from here,
I am my own,
I am from above

I was shown
How to tell you’re all more,
Than you know
You must breathe, all the way through
The nooks and crannies of your being,
You must wait, and first find your core
Not rush to the clock of the system

Your biorhythm, has a heart of its own, and you will not find peace, unil you learn its language and listen in

It’s about you, and it isn’t… it is about the good of all,
through you treating your vessel as the temple it is
your health, your breath, your soulspeak IS your spiritual mission on Earth
your self respect is the world healing

These nights, a song creates itself within,
weaving fabrics of golden hemp, earth+ heavenly intertwined,
for a New Earth-me to rise, an ancient, yet a future memory,
This era we enter, a new path paved, is a whole new playing field,
I now receive permission, to step into my truth and no longer play by your old rules

The wild women are here,
we are royal yet feral,
we are modern yet mystics,
we are strong and madly soft,

we are the Healers

The amazon angels,

And we aren’t aftaid to roar,

For love,

For death,

And everything in between

We’re the awakened dream.

Tired of being the strong one, let’s co exist

Surrendering in my sister’s arms last night brought me real comfort to the depth of my being. I know I was made to be held, and to hold, the tribe of this Earth who are the humans I am most aligned with. I allow myself to receive, after everything I gave away, it is restoration time. Balancing out. With family. Collaborators. Sacred vessels of this life force that contain us. What can we do with that? Imagine, what can we actually do? There is so much we can do. We can sink deeper into this state of gratitude and presence and initiated heart led action and create our dream lives each day, and we are. We are. We are. It’s just hard sometimes. And we get to cry. We are allowed to break down to rebuild and let go to let in. We have to, need to, deserve to. Make room for your art. Make space for your heart. Your brain will be here for the remainder of your days, you don’t have to fight for it. It’s okay to silence it more. However do drop into the heart, listen to how SHE wants to lead. The feminine is rumbling and yearning to be heard and felt. In softness, in silence, in spirit but grounded in physical experience. In Sex, first and foremost with your(s)elf. In breath. In sensation. In devotion. My elven self knows. How does Gaia whisper her wisdoms into your field? You are connected but you are unique. No one can do exactly what it is you do. Listen to what Father Sky sings into your sleep. He has specific tasks that only you can carry out.
You are here for something so specific to you. Something healing to all. By following your inherent biological rhythm, blueprint, hi vibratory path flow you are opening up more each day to more of that. Make sure to simplify. Strip down. Clean. Get clear.
What are you here to do?
Then go do that. One day, one project, one heart led moment at a time.

It’s real. It’s happening. Create what you want.