About Yours Truly


Hello dear ones! My name is Blanca Isabelle Linder.

I’m a young woman with an ancient soul. I’m all about kickass truth and clarity, here to light things up, connect and have some good f*ckin times on this life journey. Yep, I can be soulful and swear simultaneously, because I believe to explore the fun and infinite in this life I need to carry myself with all my edges on display. My life journey, one full of hardship and opportunity, disease and health, love and death, magic + the mundane & everything in between, has taught me a few golden things. I am pure angel being yet I am fierce amazon warrioress. I am dark yet I am light. I am soft yet I am strong. I’m a deep lover of all living beings yet I love to meet my inner sacred anger when it’s called for. To release and let go for myself and all, always detoxing the sh*t of this world and myself to the combustive core of Gaia. Above all I am an artist and a healer. It is through my innermost authentic expression and art that I continuously heal myself and the world, just by breathing. In latin inspire (inspirare) literally means “to breathe into”, and it may then make sense why my core belief is this: it is only through embodying the deep-bellied inspiration that a soundly breathing human experiences, & infusing it with our own creative spark, that we can walk completely grounded and whole in this world.
I do this holystically – with a holistic viewpoint from a sacred, holy center. I am a certified yoga teacher, certified life coach + reiki healer, a born multicreative and writer, a lifelong mystery-mistress and knowledge-hoarder, practitioner and nerd of all things science, spirit, culture, languages, magic, angel code, Earth, Space, interdimensionality, and all things natural medicine for body, mind, soul, and Earth health


In my personal writings I channel what my spirit, mind,  heart and body need to deliver, put my soul onto paper.

In my professional work I combine my intuitive spark with the art of creating and directing stills & stories through mediums sonic, photographic and cinematic.

Yoga. I believe my artistic streak is felt when I guide others through their body-minds in yoga classes, a priviledge for me. I honour that we are each our own teacher, the goal being to inspire others into greater sense of self and world discovery. I’m certified through Yoga Works USA.

I’ve also been known to DJ / roll some music around at bars in Stockholm, for example Obaren and Restaurant Humlan.


Sweden-born, New Zealand raised, travelled far. My heart loves roaming this wide world & my locations often change – but my roots remain.

Currently based in the Swedish town of Skövde where I’m studying a program in Cognitive Neuroscience & Applied Positive Psychology.

You can find me on instagram and zouldust@gmail.com

Why Zouldust

Because soul is life breath, the infinite spark – and Z was cooler. And because dust is what’s left behind of the soul. It is both a legacy and a seed. A past and a future. But ultimately it is integrated inspiration. It’s where I create.