whatever you’re in right now

whatever you are facing

wherever you are

–– know this;

your beingness is the medicine you seek

by your resolute rooting,

and refusal to be anything less

than who you actually







you are saving the world thru your heart ––

one step,

one breath,

one day at a time


you may surrender

you may let go

you may drop all weights

off your shoulders


may you never

ever, ever





. . . . .

. . . .

. . .

. .


Next Level

It’s spring.

I’m moving lighter, dreaming wider, acting brighter
Speaking clearer and rising stronger,
After a long wait soul-side, I am stepping up,
Integrating my potential in a more powerful way than ever before
An energy which has been so inconsistent in my body
I am joining forces with the whole truth this time, yin and yang,
Reawakening to a higher state once again,
And this time I am not lost. I am not weak. I am not inexperienced.
I am bringing it down,
Into the earth, into my bones, into me
Aligning to pure
Ready for next level,
Next level truth
Next level being
Next level





Sometimes, I grow as seed;

slowly, steadily, delicately yet deliberately

Sometimes I grow as wave;

back and forth, intensely or calmly

Sometimes I grow as wind;

whirling past, esoterically and seemingly out of nowhere

And sometimes, I grow as fire…

A single spark, lighting up into a forest in flames

. . .

b. linder @zouldust

Seeded dream

It is April and something about this Alpine mountain energy is reminding me of my deepest purest self.

I am in a new place now. It’s got snowcovered mountains, fresh water springs and flowers and my soul is more alive.

Tomorrow I am leaving this place and going back to ‘reality’, bringing this gift with me in my heart and mind…

I am dreaming this last night. I don’t quite know what it is – April, spring, 2018, so many shifts – but I feel a whole new level of magic coming to blossom in and around me that I almost can’t explain. The potency… Wow.

I am dreaming of music, of nature, of love, a future so real and mine and amazing it nearly makes me cry. In this future vision I am in my highest expression – living a life of pure joy and a co creating with family / community by my side.

I see and sense a seed of renewal within me. A kind of blue ball of light, of re-initiation in my womb and my divinity. Pure reconnection. Strong. Scared. Grounded in all cornerstones. Living from the truth of my heart space and flowing with all elements in optimal health and harmony.


There is so much ready to happen. Sensing the surge before the stream. Of water, of consciousness, of healing. One heart step. Even days you have no idea what words will come. Put pen to paper, hands to keys anyway and let free. Let what may come come. It is your next little revolution.


Observing myself touching base with inner spaces. I can feel my thoughts carving out new pathways in my mind. Finding new ground.

And being drawn here reminds me of the potential when one is quiet and is kept quiet for long enough to build something here.

I am so grateful for my being. My wholeness. The cracks that let light in where movement and evolution needs happen. The humility to accept and the strength to let go. And all I can say right now is, I’m ready.

I say yes.