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“Hipster Spiritual” Trigger warnin’


Having a man bun does not automatically make you sexy

The fire in your sexuality has little to do with the appearance of your ass 

Going camping once doesn’t qualify you as a natural woman

And smoking does not make you cool

Your free spiritedness is not solely or possibly at all determined by that Spiritual Gangster top you are wearing, 

Trippin’ shrooms,

Or the quality of your instagram handstands –

Just as your true connection to self is not proven through your tumblr, twitter or whatever-else-there-fricken-is-nowadays-account –

Your worth grounds very physically in the 

Acceptance of your eyes

Purity of your voice

Generosity of your arms

& the real kindness of your heart
It lives in the ethics of your flesh

Badass integrity of your bones

Raw intuition of your feet

And the deep strength of your gratitude

( – that is the first muscle you should train)

This is what makes you truly sexy, natural, cool, wild and free…

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Things in time

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Don’t exactly fade

Just roll further back

Ever as potent

Ever as existent

To feel
Things are right here

Inside my rib cage beats

A heart that already knows

Ever as potent

Ever as infinite

To feel
So babe feel

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Whispers whispers whisper

“I am here”

Skeleton woman speaks

Reverberating rhythm

Ancient echoes

Thousand tongues

Flesh decays

Matter fades

Dust settles

Skeleton remains

She is below

Carrying instincts

She is above

Evoking soul

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Hemma från Sydafrika

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Kliver av arlanda express som att jag är så mycket lättare än 40kg väskor. Tror aldrig jag varit gladare i att komma hem, och det säger något efter detta magiska liv med många äventyr fram o tillbaka. Hoppar av tåget ut i kylan i en röd satinkimono som jag försöker övertyga alla blickar visst passar svensk vinter. Hoppar in mot spottkoppen med en rygga på magen, en på ryggen, en väska i handen. Lättare än nånsin. Det ni ✨Hemma, slask o allt, hemma, barrskogar, hemma, espresso house, hemma, familjen o djuren, hemma, staden. Stockholm. Hemma. This land of my roots and heart I’m back.

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Phaeleh – Afterglow

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Taking control of the elements
Making it mine, making it mine

Touching up all of the elements

Taking my time, taking my time

Taking a hold of the present day

Pushing it all, pushing it all, pushing it

Taking control of my destiny

Making it fine, making it fine, making it