The mystery

The mystery Swayin us back and forth Up and down In and out Only to teach us self determination, Trust, And core connection through all these storms Without knowing all you are not, How do you know who you truly are? Discernment, my love Patience, little life You got this 🖤

this sacred anger of mine

I AM HERE you hear?! The pain of the children,  the women, of the animals,  the plants,  of the good men,  the pain of the ones trying,  of the innocents,  the wounded and the healing,  of the Earth, the core of Mother Earth, her magna and combustive love that's the thing. When love needs to [...]

Basic fucking needs

I need my silence, and my sounds I need my movingarounds, to sow my grounds I crave the mountains, the rivers deep I hear their whispers, in my sleep The goddess-maiden , sends me through trees, her prayers To rip off the conditioned layers, I do my best with angels song, to awaken and remind the [...]

Initiation into Softness

This initiation feels different It feels like we're already at peace It feels like a sweet soulful homecoming, unlike previous vast transformations... It is in fact feeling more like self-beingness than ever before... This deliverance into softness of being Is already here for me I'm already here for it But I needed to show up [...]

dreaming of a song

I dreamt last night very specifically songs that came to me, melodies and lyrics of new material I am meant to create. I forgot what it was now that I woke up, so this is me letting my unconscious know I am ready for daytime delivery... Come to me ❤