Becoming, unbecoming

I want more for my body mind and soul
It is time to listen and let go
Breathe deeply with all my deservingness and allow the movement of nourishment
to become Embodied in my limbs, cells, heart.
To open and become a greater vessel of love by each day and
Dare relax into the knowingness that I may expand beyond my wildest imagination
If I only give permission, open up to receive and be guided, and stop listening to those people who don’t know my soul in its right light and strength and truth.

I am ready for my next step
The one that will bring me close to my authenticity
The one that is aligned, soulful, grounded and balanced

Show me the way
And I expect miracles

I am ready
I allow
I release
I surrender
I have courage
I walk my soul path
In the highest order and
To the sound of my friends the angels


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