Disappear into creation

Disappear into creation Streaking your skin pouring within Flow into being watch heavy leaving Plant feet kissed by soil, crack open, freed by wind Air borne light enters, iridescent orbs stream in And you crystallise in your truths interweaving Amazing art by my sacred soul sister Matilde Tarnow @m.tarnow  


Cellular alchemy, purified, inside out let breathe, let free, let be, you, us, me, mind meets eye heart meets feet, we are here to defeat paradigms, still churning our soul, we warrior on like never before. we rage in love, forge, a mad soft force the feminine is here, the masculine supporting, the balance is happening, arroooo! we may have been …

The mystery

The mystery Swayin us back and forth Up and down In and out Only to teach us self determination, Trust, And core connection through all these storms Without knowing all you are not, How do you know who you truly are? Discernment, my love Patience, little life You got this 🖤