Basic fucking needs

I need my silence, and my sounds I need my movingarounds, to sow my grounds I crave the mountains, the rivers deep I hear their whispers, in my sleep The goddess-maiden , sends me through trees, her prayers To rip off the conditioned layers, I do my best with angels song, to awaken and remind the [...]

Initiation into Softness

This initiation feels different It feels like we're already at peace It feels like a sweet soulful homecoming, unlike previous vast transformations... It is in fact feeling more like self-beingness than ever before... This deliverance into softness of being Is already here for me I'm already here for it But I needed to show up [...]

dreaming of a song

I dreamt last night very specifically songs that came to me, melodies and lyrics of new material I am meant to create. I forgot what it was now that I woke up, so this is me letting my unconscious know I am ready for daytime delivery... Come to me ❤


feeling into the cracks looking through em like glass making a new rhythm as I sing my hymn doubts faded as I flow to language of soul I sweat and I release what was neglected, set free I looked for the words in my mind, found nothingness turns out they were only in my bones [...]

Stockholm, I’m coming home

For years I couldn't find my place with you, But now this knowing that it's time to return and build magic you and me - and all faeries in between - is stronger than any decision I've made in a long time It's been showing up in people and opportunities presenting themselves, my tribe this [...]