My Inner Amazon feelz

I’m an Amazon woman

It took me a while to sense that that’s what it was, but I know now, and I know it because my bones tell me so. I don’t know it by logic. My body tells me she feels too big for the car seats, flight seats, apartments, and most rooms and spaces I walk into are contracted into a tiny city human sized situation. I crave SPACE. I crave BIG wide open spaces. I crave WILDNESS. I crave putting on my thigh high badazz warrior boots, warpaint, bow and arrow and hopping on my horse for the millionth time, my body knows that movement better than walking. I CRAVE spreading my WINGS! I crave letting my throat speak fully truly and honestly, the truth and nothing but the truth.

These are my needs. For those who won’t let me pass I say: don’t even try it, Get out of my way. I am here to save the world and I ain’t got no mo fkn time to waste. I will not be silenced, overseen or oppressed any longer. Now let me do my magic.

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