26 months later…

I miss writing… blog posts are little sermons from my heart, little sacred hymns in a way a facebook or instagram post will never be. It honours my own process deeper, like a letter to self, before it is even shared with any of you all, and in a way, has already had its therapeutic effects on me before reaching You here. Anyone moved, touched, by my words here is a beautiful addition to the medicine it already has been for me personally.

This is why I miss blogging…

It is mine before it is anyone elses.

And in a world and industry where my social medias have become my public offices, my businesses, catered to my audience, this is a much needed break and beautiful sanctuary for my heart and soul… I realize now how much I have missed it.

How much I have needed it.

How many mistakes (although divine and needed for my deeper growth until now…) could have been avoided through my deepened and committed writing process?

I have missed the slowness.

This different SPACE. This different speed. This different platform entirely. And I DO believe it is time to get back to it – and reclaim all that is Mine yet again… From this much truer timeline.

I am not afraid of what my words can create anymore.
All sacred gifts require great responsibility… Apparently some of us with a certain mission have to learn this the harder way. The way eventually leading to embodiment.

The power of my voice and throat became so big after 2018, 2019 that I was literally afraid of speaking things into existence that I didn’t want.

I now breathe into the center of my being knowing I am ready to Reclaim this holy ground within, and outwardly reflected into this digital sphere.

So. This is For Me. My frequency comes first in this space. I pledge that to myself, that shall not change, even if the audience grows to a hundred thousand here. Energetic Sovereignty ⚔️

🌹 💎 ✨

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