Telepathic Souls

For the deeply intuitive, telepathic soul, opening our mouths to speak (if not to howl, sing, have magical conversation, finish one another’s sentences or read poetry,) strains us because we have to use our precious voices in a language that isn’t inherently divine, or our own. Society has grown speech that is made for minds and not for hearts, one that doesn’t require hands close to another’s to get the message across…

Having to step down to others’ communicational level eventually or immediately leaves us feeling cold and depleted unless we are met by those who deeply understand us and have similar needs. For the telepathic soul, reading someone else’s thoughts or emotional state isn’t something fantastic that happens once in a while, it’s a perpetual occurrence, but can also leave us feeling like we couldn’t be met as deeply by another as we are able to meet them. We need to dismantle this belief of alienation – we are many who have these extra sensory abilities… and instead instill the inner knowing that yes, for the right ones we will be understood in return, at this core level. Otherwise you may find yourself meeting those people without believing they are actually real, so you don’t dare open your heart long enough to find out… and wouldn’t that be such a sad position to find yourself in. Have courage dear ones on the edge of the dimensions, in the midst of the cosmic heart, you are destined and so are the people meant for you.

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