Stockholm, I’m coming home

For years I couldn't find my place with you, But now this knowing that it's time to return and build magic you and me - and all faeries in between - is stronger than any decision I've made in a long time It's been showing up in people and opportunities presenting themselves, my tribe this [...]

To D.

To you D, I hope this post will inspire you to feel at home in the world and within yourself again. Love you. Mold your own soles, deep n nourishing, rooting f*ing deep, because your heart is yours and you’ve gotta protect your own feet ~ the satisfaction they get from involving themselves in your [...]

Benediction and a big f yes ☼

Witness; the woman coming of age, homecoming to body mind soul, FUCK YES I am so ready for this life, more ready than ever before and more ready each new dawning day, YESSSSSSS!!! Hahahahahahah victory is here and unconditional, unwavering LOVE has prevailed, AND I AM HERE! This is the mood, this is the prolonged [...]

On The Daily

Calling on that on-the-daily devotion, that creative commitment, that everyday alignment into action now daily, daily, daily, I sense centeredness in forward movement from this point on - the artist in action, the activist in creativity

Not Writer’s Block, Purpose Block.

Re the so called Writer’s Block: It’s not that your voice is gone, Your writing skills are blocked, Or your ability to comprehend yourself is, It’s actually that you just don’t have Anything bloody remarkable enough to say Right now Yes! Because when you have something to say, And you desire and willpower exceeds more than [...]