Tired of being the strong one, let’s co exist

Surrendering in my sister’s arms last night brought me real comfort to the depth of my being. I know I was made to be held, and to hold, the tribe of this Earth who are the humans I am most aligned with. I allow myself to receive, after everything I gave away, it is restoration time. Balancing out. With family. Collaborators. Sacred vessels of this life force that contain us. What can we do with that? Imagine, what can we actually do? There is so much we can do. We can sink deeper into this state of gratitude and presence and initiated heart led action and create our dream lives each day, and we are. We are. We are. It’s just hard sometimes. And we get to cry. We are allowed to break down to rebuild and let go to let in. We have to, need to, deserve to. Make room for your art. Make space for your heart. Your brain will be here for the remainder of your days, you don’t have to fight for it. It’s okay to silence it more. However do drop into the heart, listen to how SHE wants to lead. The feminine is rumbling and yearning to be heard and felt. In softness, in silence, in spirit but grounded in physical experience. In Sex, first and foremost with your(s)elf. In breath. In sensation. In devotion. My elven self knows. How does Gaia whisper her wisdoms into your field? You are connected but you are unique. No one can do exactly what it is you do. Listen to what Father Sky sings into your sleep. He has specific tasks that only you can carry out.
You are here for something so specific to you. Something healing to all. By following your inherent biological rhythm, blueprint, hi vibratory path flow you are opening up more each day to more of that. Make sure to simplify. Strip down. Clean. Get clear.
What are you here to do?
Then go do that. One day, one project, one heart led moment at a time.

It’s real. It’s happening. Create what you want.


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