Initiation into Softness

This initiation feels different
It feels like we’re already at peace
It feels like a sweet soulful homecoming,
unlike previous vast transformations…

It is in fact feeling more like self-beingness than ever before…
This deliverance into softness of being
Is already here for me
I’m already here for it
But I needed to show up for it.

It’s about showin up each and every single new day to this new energy that is my higher self embodied as woman Blanca Isabelle Linder in this day and age,
I have never been before this way, but I have been many a way before and the core soul has been the same.  I have remembered shreds and waves of information the past years but now it’s more of a reinvention and actual becoming process now that I know the jist of it. And it’s such an exiting process. All I have to do now is be patient whilst I continuously create. That’s it. Patience, continuity, creation.


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