Dishevelment, Soul Retrieval, Reintegration

This clickclocking kitchen timer drawing me into a light little hypnosis

I am moving with feelings the past days that need to be heard,
I haven’t stayed still enough to pick em up,
and know what they are,
but I am now, my intention is to now listen, the next few days

The divine feminine is calling, hollowly, it’s a silent call, heard only by the quiet that is of a waking morning moment… before picking up a single thing, a phone, a to do,
— it is attentive ears tuned into my heart… and womb… and a silent throat only receptive to the Now. The Yin. The Be. The Feel. The Hear, the Still. Staying here long enough without seeking to fill the sacred void with noise —–

There’s a new level of expansion opening up to me where my dream life is feeling less and less of a dream and more and more of a reality, and this, my dream life becoming reality, itself feels like a dream, and scary but lovely as it means leaving heavy behind, that heavy stuff that used to mean safe, but actually was strangling

— and here I am, interweaving, tangling together words to create a new web of heart-message pattern of which I’m not sure who is the designer. Who is the architect and the builder and the investor? How to continue next? Being, being, being, bravery, stillness, more beingness, refining my output, how I actually yes invest my energy, how I build my seconds and hours day by day and how I design my soul to live as liberally and respectfully within this earthly plane and precious body, as I can…

If only I could remember that it is my greatness, not my weakness, I fear most
If I can know this in my bones and blood and psyche and heart now every day and pump pump pump that conditioning right back into the universal rubbish bin and I would see myself clear. I will see myself clear. I will be myself. I am. 

UniverseIsis, Mother, womb, bones, body, ancestors, Angels, guides of purity I am ready now to admit the blind spots keeping me from growth and allow myself to relearn lightness of being, ease, attraction, magnetism… To Flow In. 


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