this sacred anger of mine

you hear?!

The pain of the children, 
the women,

of the animals, 
the plants, 

of the good men, 
the pain of the ones trying, 

of the innocents, 
the wounded and the healing, 

of the Earth, the core of Mother Earth,
her magna and combustive love

that’s the thing.
When love needs to destroy, it can, and it does.
To ROAR and reset. We are with her in her despair and consequential disasters
To purify. 

But the dead will never be forgotten, 
and their pain will never be justified, 
nothing about this is okay, and as long as we continue our life bubbles as if it is, 
we will be asleep and our sight overdosed by white screens
in the raging storm of this century 
It’s not a natural disaster,
it is a human one, 
and every single one of us is accountable for every single one of our actions, or non-actions 
and if it helps to forgive ourselves for the actions of yesterday, do so, if it means we wake up better humans tomorrow and make some fucking real change happen!

because God will not judge us, 
but you and we all will judge ourselves, 
because imagine talking to ourselves in the afterlife, knowing then that we never did all we could to save us or the world or live our full purpose when we actually lived?
What a tragedy!
Living anything less than my full potential is a form of suffering, but definitely standing by silently while suffering is all around me, is the deepest form. Passivity makes me sick to the core of my belly.


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