To you D, I hope this post will inspire you to feel at home in the world and within yourself again. Love you.

Mold your own soles, deep n nourishing, rooting f*ing deep, because your heart is yours and you’ve gotta protect your own feet ~ the satisfaction they get from involving themselves in your journey is not worth you overshadowing your own inner voice

Don’t ask them the way towards a destination way off their map
You have the steps within
It is up to you to sense em, draw em out and accept that they wanna be found one at a time instead of all out, complete at once

If I can be even a tiny part or reason why humans are still are going on and trying rather than sinking or falling… Then This is my Raison D’être… Reason to live and to give. I know I’m here to support everyone who are ready for my assistance and so it’s my greatest joy and honour to be here for you. Not here for you in your place, but next to you, here for you when you call me or need guidance. And you’ve also guided me through your messages and all your undying support and unconditional love that is so rare for me to receive in this form you are giving to me. In its raw form. I love you. Remember this till the end of time. You are so loved. By me, by the trees and the moon and the stars. You are so loved, by the Earth, by the Sky up high and deep depths of Rivers down low. you are loved by your heart that keeps beating for you when you are in awe or when you are in despair. Still your lungs stretch and fall. Still your legs keep you walking and the ground kisses your feet as you do. Even if you don’t feel it. Mother Earth, father sky and all their workers, fairies, plants, waves are here for us, supports us, you are loved unconditionally even though many times… Not by humans, the lower vibrational energy they carry aren’t pure or whole enough to hold a magician like you. Don’t let the way other people behave define the way you treat yourself. Do act as your own sovereign lantern shining of your own accord, needing not other humans to flourish. You are not alone. The moon, the trees and the stars are all rooting from below and cheering from above for you. You’ve got this. One day, you’ll understand the big picture of why it all had to happen and you’ll simply want to go back to your younger self and pat yourself on the back. You’ll be in a beautiful place then and free of all of this. I believe in you. always. 

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