riding solo, and riding together

I’m 25. I’m free. I’m me, I’m solo, but fresh in love, possibly a twosome soon if things turn serious. I’m in that magical place and time of my life where I’ve been around enough to know I love love, and love men, and love myself as an individual with or without a man by my side. I know what I want, I know what I like, I know I also may not know it all until it hits me right in the heart. I am open to change yet unapologetically uncompromisng around my golden core values – I will only ever change so much for a man, I will change for him if I am also changing towards my best possible self. I’ll never change for anyone for any other reason than this; the service of my soul and therefore all. Life is magical. I feel every breath. I was complete with self love and dedication the month building up to this moment, and therefore I am ready to let him in. Exciting to see what happens from this point on in time – either way…. I sense some epic fucking times ahead, more pure and blissful and RIGHT than I ever have felt before….

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