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midsummer husky

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I write with my hair up when I need to get sorted
I write with my hair down, when I… am. 
today I am compromising
I wear a hairband
the roots pulled back tight
the ends down loose
so I can type rapidly without strands flying
swishing it back when I need a head shake,
let it free

I lost my voice,
Midsummer nights eve
it’s lovely
the more no talking
the greater my perception
the more I could hear
and see, scent, touch and taste 
the more I was
not the lack of voice
but the fullness of sensing

lack of wording, logic, intellect
heart full, mind quiet, soul full

blissful expression 
turning not into words but 
inherent body language
intuitive instincts
alike a child letting a glance tell all I need
a sway of hips
a turn of lips
a head kick back with a sassy,
isn’t all that so much more significant
than words?

it is not silence
when all senses expand
and I am
singing with all my soul…

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VOICE – Healing through creativity

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A film made by Blanca Linder & Hannah Salter.
Cinematography by Blanca Linder, Hannah Salter
Post production & spoken word by Blanca Linder
Music by Jason Barty
Artists: Ana Kuni, Tom Salter, Willem Lavender

Other faces
Our beautiful host family in Guwe Village, Nkay region of Zimbabwe
Warren West
Jason Barty
Ricky Thomas
Mila Dijkema yogini sister

Filmed on location in South Africa & Zimbabwe, Dec 2016 – March 2017

Words cannot express my gratitude felt in the making of this film and the finishing of it, despite the life changing challenges met on the way. The project remains as close to my heart now as it did before and there is one thing I know for sure
This is only the beginning
To everyone who were apart of the vision at any point or along the way, saw it and appreciated it
Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Let us i n s p i r e always and forever learning, supporting, dealing, healing, loving, letting go and starting again.

I love you

VOICE – Healing through creativity” pt 1 from Blanca Linder on Vimeo.

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en inte längre flickas alkemi

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de börjar i nacken,
occipitala nerven
kristallrys som
uti hela mej
itu, hela mej

önskar nästan
ja va tio
kunde backa tre steg
tills innan jag visste
innan jag kände
de ja känner nu
men ja e inte tio
och de säger ja ska
va vuxen
och jag önskar det inte
tillräckligt mycket
för att släppa denna
min kärnas eld

det blir hazy
makear inge sense
hejdå intelligens
elektrisk frekvens
inge gräns
rubbar min existens
under the influence
turbulent transcendens
snart abstinens
det e så det känns

jag e kvar
i tonårens dekadens


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Metamorphosis Origin
Late Middle English: via Latin from Greek metamorphōsis, from metamorphoun ‘transform, change shape’.

I had a thought just now. Or, several trails. It went something like, “no matter how many times I manage to fall out of love with my reality, I always manage to come back to it after some river bends”. So far, each time knowing, feeling, and radiating all the stronger. Who I am and what I seem to be here, upon this green blue messy mess of a planet, to do. The whole damn thing is that the more life I get to live the more I seem to learn the beauty of greys (especially lately… Oh my god, the magic and intensified growth lately…)  The colour grey is neither black or white, neither night or day. It is balanced amidst mess. If living is elemental alchemy, I now seem to be able to tune in more evenly to several elements simultaneously, as opposed to say, playing with fire only, I’m allowing myself to keep the flame alive and kickin enough to shed light. Earlier, I could eagerly let it combust a whole forest, haha! Just to feel alive. To feel potent and purposeful. While that may not feel very practical (like easy grey living for example), it definitely has it’s time and place, letting ourselves be shaken to our core and reborn. Some phases need to be like that. Exploding. Hurricane. Earthquaking. Tsunami….


Becoming yourself is a lesson in learning how to balance.

————— Excerpt. To be continued

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Up in the air heart bare messy hair

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Maybe it is
That I am a Sunday blood woman today
Maybe it is
That I awoke at 6.39am this morning
Despite no alarm
And every other morning since
Getting home from Cape Town
I have not been able to push myself up at 7.30
Despite an alarm
Doesn’t that say something
That if you let the flow know for you
You let the flow flow what it knows
Then you will be up at whatever time you body needs

The anticipation
The expectation
Ruins what can be natural
What can be a Sunday flow
Maybe that is
How every day could go
Flow, know, flow, and go

Sunday used to be the day before Monday
Now Sunday is just a Sunday
And I am by myself
Messy haired in a bed where I’ll sleep
For two more weeks
23 years old on the 23rd of April
Smelling of peppermint and rosa damascena because those are my decent smells
My Sunday smells

I am in a house not necessarily called home
But I am home
In my body
Thank you, woman body,
Flowing with tide
Blood of potential life
I am grateful to even the pain

Where’s my mind
Between the lines
I’m just fine

This Sunday Sunday


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Save the last wild horses

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Hi friends, below is a message for justice.

It’s time for humans to wake up, and mother earth shows that when she quakes up and storms over all the time now. It is time for us to join her beat. Rhythm of love can sometimes be thunderous when it is for a good cause. Let’s beat these love drums so flippin hard for justice for all beings of nature.

Right now many thousands of horses have been and are being slaughtered in the US for a while. For too long. One horse killed is too long. There’s this one chic doing something about it over at Wild One Tour. About her campaign she says “Wild One Campaign:
– The journey will take me and a small team two months from Los Angeles to Palomino Valley, where 50,000 horses are confined in 3% of their allowed space.
– I will document the entire journey on social media  urging everyone to spread the message and will perform at several venues raising awareness and funds for the campaign.”
We also had the sacred lands of the Native Americans stolen recently over at Standing Rock. They say colonialism like it’s an antique concept? Pffft. They say they wanna make America great again? Then you might wanna settle peace on your own land before you go and bomb somewhere else (cause bombs are such a great peace tool in the first place).
It’s absurd and idiotic and corporate bullshit… We need to take our voices back as individuals and societies in our western world.

Being a rider and horsewoman myself I could say a lot about why they are the most beautiful animals on earth. However, I won’t at this stage as they are living breathing animals and that should be enough of a reason.
Love ALWAYS wins in the end. The question is how long we wanna wait until that happens, and what we lose in the process.