Capability, Clarity, Cohesion


Sitting here just arrived back to my university town,
feeling “on my way”, gathered, and just clear inside my being,
despite moving chaos and boxes all around this tiny apartment
I am feeling an upgrade in its full sense – as cliché as this might sound, since 2019 rolled in and I spent a week in paradise reconnecting with who I am in my core essence, and bringing that energy here onwards and upwards into this spring term. A part of me didn’t wanna leave the Canaries and hesitated coming back but the moment I arrived last night it all felt right again. And of course getting a text from my soul sister Christin (who didn’t know I’d just arrived, telepathy!) telling me to join them out that very minute helped that sensation of rightness and being where I’m supposed to right now in life. Here’s some of what I’m listenin to in a spotify playlist! May the good times keep on rolling and my experience be continually opened up to it. In all it’s abundance, colour, health and clarity…

Hey 2019


Magic is

When you are connected to your emotions and being deep enough, so that it transcends space-time, and the worlds within you & the lands you have wandered and travelled, are brought together in your consciousness renewed and unified…

Fuelled by your life energy and universal flow, you are then able to steer and grow the momentum of your experiences to a cohesive whole (a picture of perfect alignment behween that which before seemed separate)… And in that way LIVE ON the energies, lessons and knowledge you gathered whilst away elsewhere… Living on tangible in your everyday moments here and now, continued in your life… Interwoven, perfection.

I am so grateful.

To be an alchemist of love-experience and get to meet and merge beings and worlds within my heart and mind just by breathing, speaking, being present and sharing the wisdoms!

This is me now, post Fuerteventura, back in Sweden, feeling everything…

Little reflection 2018

Sitting here reflecting and sinking into the changes, big uprootings, new chapters, curveballs and lessons of this year… Man have they meant business! It has been one of the most confusingly yet reshaping & coming together- kind of years of my soon 25 year old life…
I have stepped over this later part of the year to a whole new way of being and living with time and the moment. I laid behind me alarm clocks —nearly or most days since October— for my pure intuitive and biological clock to guide me fearlessly and in full trust that it is going to bring and has already brought me exactly to where I am supposed to be, right here right now… It turned out, I needed to break up with my old life and old self completely – perhaps a tad bit more dramatically so than necessary.. But Oh Well, it got me here, right?
It made me shake my life situation and choices upside down more than once and nearly leave and pause my uni studies to pursue filming a project that meant me returning to Southern Africa, only to realise I wanted to reap what I had sown in 2017 and continue what I have started to build in this new place… A strong core, state of heart and mind, a solid base academically, mentally and emotionally before setting off for new shores yet again in 2020. My wings are stronger by me not leaving in the energy of escapism but teaching me that in whatever choices I make, the vibration in which I make them needs to be as solid and grounded as I want the practical unfolding of it to be. Aka, good decisions made in a calm heart and collected mind = good and aligned future. I have committed to this journey for myself and the patience practiced, I know, will help me sort and siv out the gold in life from the other semi precious materials. At the same time, I have learnt that the clarity of my ambitious goal setting paired with  an openness and willingness to change and growth when it is beneficial and called for — is THE golden key!!!
I have learnt that the process is short and lengthy at the same time… Life… And you cannot twist and turn things into being. You can however surrender to the silent yet oh so present FLOW of things (like an undercurrent and alternate pure reality that is always there if you dare meet it) and in that way bring yourself to the same level of creative energy where you are in charge of your process as long as you shape up and stay on path with your energy… Then miracles come into being that I never could have dreamed of, coming into my life suddenly and effortlessly. On the outside, people have seen me walk about my life as usual, nearly… On the inside, I’ve been reborn and have a brand new way of connecting and communicating. My body cannot be in one place anymore that my heart isn’t in. And I am learning to bring my body deeper into where my heart and mind is, too. I have decided that this new way is one I will always remain dedicated to: a raw, honest, in flow, listening and in touch kind of direct communication with the universe that tells me pretty much, (!!!) where I need to be, at what time, in what way and how I will get there. With not much information beforehand, but with so many angels and all the tools I need beside me in all shapes and forms as long as I just go with it… Ride the wave… It was scary at first. But I’m becoming accustomed to this pure path by the day.
I have also found my horses again this year in a more profound way than ever before and I truly have realised I want to live a life with these beings around me as much as I can. I know I have sacred work to do with them, and with children, artists, and healers of this Earth..! I am finding more of my tribe and I know it clearer than ever when I see a new bro or sis in crime. I do not hold back my energy when it is required to speak freely and clearly. I allow myself. To shine, exist, hold and take and give space… In harmony and unison with everything.

I am awaiting this 2019 with wide open arms, rooted feet and a purely in touch heart. I am ready to be a better human for my soul and ours. I Am Ready for the future. Ready for you and you and you. Ready for all ‘things’ to flow my way that is meant for me! As it is, when it is, how it is, in the best way for my higher self, and I will know.
I will just know! 

Let the Old Year be thanked and said goodbye to,
Let the New Year Begin!

don’t think too much now

just step, and breathe, and put your technology away, just write, and sing, and run in the woods, sweat with your friends to good beats, laugh as you push your body and your mind beyond your current level and expand up level grow into new refinement.
Hold onto your truths and your clear seeing being, that intelligence that pulsates from your COR, HEART, your heart’s centre… Spreads into your toes, your legs, your fingers…
Now listen very carefully and take to you what needs to be heard!
Move forward, start over, and pursue goals and ambitions!

Dream a new dream

Mars in Pisces, all of this sun, mercury and moon in Sagittarius action! Full faith and big expansion beyond our current realities and comfort zones! TRUST!! NOW is a time, OPEN, GO, Let go!
Let go!
Its been a time where results and karma has slapped us in the face… Faced with the harvests of our thoughts: now manifesting on the real plane: so, big time truth facing and telling in our faces. Nearing the end of this year it all seems timely! for us to be utterly honest in how we want to redirect and refine and better ourselves for this new year.
Here I am crying about memories from past, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, as well as other far away places. All the times we did not go all the way with love when we knew it was our mission to begin with. The times we did not stand in our gentle grace when it was our duty and oath. The times we allowed lesser energies to infiltrate the core essence, the gold and the silver rays intertwined, those of truth and those of royalty. Those of seeing selflessly. those of compassion greater than any obstacle. Those of radical love in its more aligned form and state. Those of humility and open-mindedness to take in everybody’s standpoint. Men and Women and all. North and South. East and West. The Human and the Divine Masculine and Feminine. Power is not exclusive. True power breeds humility. Shallow power comes from insecurity. Be strong. Be brave. Be love all the way…
We are here now for all of us… TO let go of the past… and invite in a brand new hopeful love-potent future beyond our wildest dreams.
Walk with balanced light and truth. Your strength. Your compassion. Your radical love and joy powered by infinite lessons from all that you have encountered so far.
You can feel your soul deepening its nest into your body now. Your soul was always ready, you just had to invite it in with your being, minds willingness, free will, heart and body and psyche… You have all you need. We have all we need. Now go.



Trust the ground,
She is not the one who hurt you

Trust the ground, she has your feet solid…
Her support never fails you who
kiss the earth where you walk,
By the hour you venture forth
and thank her
For all those miles she carried you…

Trust the ground fertile
old or fresh

Trust the ground, life
the abundant
still, steady she grows,
Usually wild,
Sometimes kept together
rarely shaking
Almost never…
Only ever when pushed by the laws of man or time

Trust the ground always means well
Trust she sacrifices her body for you a hundred thousand aeons over and over again
still counting
Trust the ground to give you all you need and you will be bountiful,
Trust the ground as you trust your soul
As you trust the trees whispering her message
And the fruits you get to devour as a result
Trust you can receive because you can give,
And you do,
And you will,
And then love her back,
The way you are,
The way she was created,
The way of compassion

In return,
You will never
Have to worry about a single