Not Writer’s Block, Purpose Block.

Re the so called Writer’s Block:

It’s not that your voice is gone,
Your writing skills are blocked,
Or your ability to comprehend yourself is,

It’s actually that you just don’t have
Anything bloody remarkable enough to say
Right now

Because when you have something to say,
And you desire and willpower exceeds more than anything else in that moment,
to put that truth on paper, and speak it into the world,
Honey, believe me when I say
You damn sure will find a way to say it!

When you’ve got purpose,
And Clarity,
And Drive,
you’ve got everything. 

#WritersBlock #Rememberwhoyouare


Becoming, unbecoming

I want more for my body mind and soul
It is time to listen and let go
Breathe deeply with all my deservingness and allow the movement of nourishment
to become Embodied in my limbs, cells, heart.
To open and become a greater vessel of love by each day and
Dare relax into the knowingness that I may expand beyond my wildest imagination
If I only give permission, open up to receive and be guided, and stop listening to those people who don’t know my soul in its right light and strength and truth.

I am ready for my next step
The one that will bring me close to my authenticity
The one that is aligned, soulful, grounded and balanced

Show me the way
And I expect miracles

I am ready
I allow
I release
I surrender
I have courage
I walk my soul path
In the highest order and
To the sound of my friends the angels


Things aren’t hard

you are here

you have things within that want out

you have capacity that wants to stretch

you have roots that crave fruition

embodiment means truth in the alignment of what you are

why be half of what you are – when you can just be you?

why wait when you are ready today?

for you and for everyone

you are soul that wants a body to apeak through – aha – you got it! So what are you waiting for?

new reality, dreams, hope

brave one,
you will meet someone
who sees your facets, not just face
your dimensions, not just your body

who expands your world as it was meant 
one of fullness realness you-ness togetherness and wholeness

you know it will be the most natural thing… At the same time, a shift, a certain challenge: will you step up?

After this point, life is forever changed
made effortless because there is no pretence
being so deeply immersed in the present moment each day
that feeling of, you will raise one another
total trust

knowing there will be challenge and resistance cause you both chose optimal living,
expansion beyond all borders of limiting beliefs
and the growth of your flourishing will be the most lush paradise

you will know
when it is time to let go to trust, flow, and give in…

’til then baby, 
do you
stay true
I know days are hard sometimes in your concrete walls
8 floors up in the air
as you miss the sea and the way of living free
but you hold a current that always lives
an ocean of creative energy waiting to happen
you can’t lose this even if you tried…
just remember that
you are safe here
and I promise you, you won’t die,
you won’t lose, 
you won’t fall
just cause you’re not being everything and everywhere in this moment
allow simplicity
allow this time to be what it is
I promise you
it won’t last…
new things,
things more magical than you could ever imagine,
are ever flowing you way
believe it,
see it