Blunt chaos

Blanca Linder, midnight on a fullmoon 16th October 2016

Sharing a piece of my heart, this full moon night when the world is in such utter chaos. I can’t stay quiet any longer:

I have danced and I have cried and I have ran and I have ridden lately
I have not felt sane
I have slowly started to feel sanely insane.
I yoga myself as a way of surviving
Whether the yoga is asanas,
sharing, talking
or nothing at all
fuck it

Sharing, talking.
It’s hard when your heart has jumped out of your body for a bit.
Because the world is not whole and therefore you aren’t either
But you choose to stay in love
You need to recenter.
I want to learn how to always recenter, before acting.
Before talking.
Before sharing.

Many times in my life, I have been living in between.
In between worlds.
The you-and-me worlds,
But also between our celestial world and this Earthly reality.
I have been pulled down through meetings with other humans, often not in grounded and safe ways but violently, my heart being so torn, in ways not in respect with my being.

I don’t want to blame people ’cause they’re all just human. But right now I wish there were more of us connected children, people fighting for the light, that were in charge of our world as we know it today. Instead of assholes and Trumps and bombers and Jesus-playing-power-men, or -women for that matter.

To speak your language for a moment:
Y’all need to wake the fuck up
Yes I said that
Please wake up

I turn now to my deepest insides.
I turn now to my deepest anchors
And purest truth
I am iron heavy, and I am feather light.
I am what I am what I am how I am.

And I’m being so clear about it.
You’re welcome.
This is for you and me.
You’re welcome.

Clearing the channel

Feel that opening up?

That letting go?

‘Tis the sound of you moving higher; 
Do it with core of body

Do it in connection with roots, 

Not disconnecting them 

So that you can disappear,

Instead letting them 

Grow you higher



Deeper into yourself

; Cleared
Feel that gratitude?

That acceptance of flaws

‘Tis the feeling of grace
Feel it knowing support

Never alone or without speech,

Child you are heard and held

Carried onward and shelled

To betterment and richness  

Of movement,

Ability to listen

Ability to act –

This time ’round;



It’s early.

Monday sunrise train from the city out to where I live nowadays.

I have recently started to do readings with symbols, numbers and letters for people. As of a month ago my intuitive abilities seem to have exponentially grown. What makes me even more happy about my matured abilities is that it really seems to support and guide people with hints and karmic patterns from their lives as well as just momentary, daily thoughts and emotions that seem to weigh on our shoulders.

I have walked a significant path to get to where I am today. As a child I had clear knowing of soul truths and most times, felt unable to discuss these with other children, or adults, as I felt they wouldn’t understand. Simply because the intuitions that arrived weren’t part of most holy scriptures written by human words, bound to no specific religion or culture. They are truths involving all people. I’ve long understood truth cannot be told, it can only be known through your intuitive heart and the trees whispers an early morning in the woods. It can be seen in patterns on a leaf, in the way the morning cuppa speaks to your sleepy self. Either way, all of these points have made me breaking out into my potential even more beautiful. In a certain way and light, I have been waiting all my life to be ready to share myself with this world and life and here I am on some kinda threshold of purpose merging with reality.

I am in love and in awe. I’m grateful inside out. I cannot wait to see what happens next.


Zouldust – The Personal Story

Zouldust is for this movement.
The letter Z, in numerology connected to the letter 8, inescapable because it is you and me, it us the sum of all letters united. It is full circle: a concept which I have recently used to grow this platform further in the future. Stay tuned.

Z is also infinity. The number eight and letter Z stand for an irrevocable process in which we are all involved. It stands for constant change. In my own interpretation; they are the bearers of truth, healing, and eventually so rebirth.

As a child I opened my eyes to the world awaiting some kind of universal waking up. I was immediately shocked at the ways adults seemed to walk around only half alive, denying their paths and purity.
Denying their right to a natural and fulfilling way of living.

At the same time, I didn’t seem to be able to connect to children my age. This meant that mostly, I found my solace in the company of elders or animals. The wise and quiet.
And so in my younger years arose within me a faith and feeling of purpose that didn’t belong to any system, to any religion or conformed lifestyle produced by human society. It was of one truth; which can in fact never be spoken. You can speak of truth, but not truth itself. It was one of wholeness, love and of light. And the actualisation of this truth circle entailed a revolution of human consciousness.

Coming into the teenage years was a haze, a happy time where my heart and mind were finally in a more grounded, focused state dedicated to school, friends, sports and family. I had since the age of 10 found the love for the wild and beautiful horses, and this is a love that lasted. My spiritual refuge back then was found in books, music, nature & animals, and at times in interactions with my closest people. I didn’t much think of it then, and the profound intellectual, personal depth of my earlier years was at this point resting in the background of carefree curiosity.
I was properly free and physically strong for the first time in my then very young life. It all seemed back at that point, that this was exactly how great and free I was supposed to feel in, and about, myself.

My later teenage years, entering my 20s, until now – being 22 1/2 years of age writing these words – have been a carousel. They’ve meant a journey of going back to truth and reconnecting with my spirit’s purpose and understanding. In a simpler version, it’s been about grindin’ and getting real with myself here on Earth. It included remembering and recollecting memories from childhood experiences. Yet also being able to stay at the same workplace for a year exactly to the date, a job which I only did for the money. It wasn’t any less important because of it; a lesson purely, just as everything previous and after.

These past years have also been travels, getting lost, getting found, then lost again, writing about it, not writing about it, trying to make decisions, deciding to go on a 5 week yoga teacher training adventure in the jungles of Bali, learning how to be strong through (not despite!) my hightened sensitive side, and meeting a hell of a lot of magic people on the road.

All through my tween years until now my arts have followed me dearly. The mediums in which I outlet myself have varied in form and identity but my core expression has remained the same. Writing, photography, film and yoga have after a few years of exploring to this day, become my main tools of sacred art.

It is now, with a world of passion and an ocean of ideas that Zouldust is ready to take form. It is a space that I dedicate to the oneness, healing, purpose and art of my life as well as the journey of every other being I, in one way or another, meet.

Let the circle, the wave, the journey begin.

Summer Gotland

Sweet smelling trees, sunlight passing through
ever present ocean breezes,
bikes, tent
you and me
on the road
after dawn cooking porridge in the grass,
sleepily, thankfully with instant coffee
before dusk letting her majesty the ocean cleanse us
as day fades
bodies exhausted, minds still,
clear eyes, full hearts
asleep, intertwined in the woods
reading books
being so in love.

Burning down the house

The way out of your issues, is giving
In the direction of what you believe
Focused, unyielding

To the betterment of all
So as to manifest wholeness;
What goes around comes around
So now is the time to give
To let go of doubt!
– And you shall receive.

Imbalance in your outward person;
– communication, true confidence, caring openly for others –
and you inner world;
– emotional, spiritual, mental, self knowledge and self LOVE
Is about to get real with you.
Actually it already is, has been,
It’s getting real with you for a while now

Time for TRUTH to unleash itself upon everything false
Upon the illusions you’ve clung to
Time for shit to get down, haha, now what I’m sayin?

Now give
Gather yourself,
Give out,
For your dream to become reality
You were born for this
Let it happen.

Musical inspiration: Let it happen by Tame Impala
Text inspired by Kaypacha Lescher’s

Finishing up with a quote from CoreLight

“When… the joy of compassionate service is married to a practical and pragmatic drive to transform all existing economic, social and political institutions, a radical and potentially all-transforming holy force is born. This radical holy force I call Sacred Activism…. My deepest prayer for the vision of Sacred Activism is that it will inspire you to harness the energies of love, both in yourself and with others, and to discover, with wonder and hope, the joy and power of …that fiery passion of compassion that, when allied with grounded wise action, will help us change everything.”—Andrew Harvey, The Hope

pele report June 8th.



In the midst

To be present in the midst of change…

Remain in my heart
Dare feel it’s uneasy restlessness
Stay in it
Not absorb another
Or give myself away

Leave questioning thoughts
Simply let myself be, as I would was I calm itself

Plant my feet deep
Proudly, vigorously, naturally,
Owning my body
Radiating remarkable spirit
Channeling through love
(and love only)
Claiming my right


Breaths, (deep!)


Checking in
Checking out