Preview from upcoming film

To speak

To breathe

To move

To be
To walk without enjoying the soil, soul under your feet 

Is just as having a voice without expressing it – lifes too short for it

To do any successful outer peace work

One must first come to love the inner spirit

That connection is called gratitude

Gratitude is doctor

It heals
We move, we dance, write, sing, ride, scream to make space

For that gratitude

Let it live

Let it.

Let heal.

Easy // true

Things really aren’t so separate and confusing as we think they are.
They become so, in our humanness.

As I live on, stepping forth, stepping back, stepping into me, I learn that being human will not within my lifetime, be without work. Inner work, outer work, whatever work. I have resisted work not because of the work itself, (I actually can’t wait to do what I came here to do!), but the system which rules it.

The point we’re missing is, you get to decide.
You get to decide your life’s work.
Your life’s work doesn’t have to look like others’.
Your life’s work can be fulfilling and satisfying for both soul and body needs:
Love, and money.

It may or may not be easy
But it will be true.

As a 5 year old, being asked questions like,
“what do you want to do when you grow up”,
“who are you going to be?”,
instead of,
“Hi. I see you. What makes you happy?”

In this way of being towards each other, unconsciously we are saying you are enough now as you are. You are enough without your future you’s riches. You are enough without your future you’s friends, even! You are enough simply because you are. Here. 

The patriarchal, the few-ruling-the-rest society we live and are born into, he wires us from deep within our bone marrow on how we look at ourselves and our very life purpose.

I feel it’s as if he wants me to think that I owe him and that he is greater than me, that us, than you.
He is where he is because there was a time people asked for a leader.

It doesn’t mean he gets to rule our lives now.

“We can honor and enhance the attributes of something by placing it in an area that is aligned with appropriate energy.”

The freedom released when in a space where such an attitude is held is beyond all comforts. It sheds us of the fear of accomplishing a certain amount of whatevers, before my body takes her last breath. It means I can live more fully in a body more ready to be. Because I let myself breathe.

Then that breath takes on legs, she wants to dance
Then the dance wants a voice, to relieve and let go
Then that song wants to spread
It wants to knock on people’s doors
And sing you are alright
You are a gift
You’re love

It may or may not be easy
But it will be true.

Blunt chaos

Blanca Linder, midnight on a fullmoon 16th October 2016

Sharing a piece of my heart, this full moon night when the world is in such utter chaos. I can’t stay quiet any longer:

I have danced and I have cried and I have ran and I have ridden lately
I have not felt sane
I have slowly started to feel sanely insane.
I yoga myself as a way of surviving
Whether the yoga is asanas,
sharing, talking
or nothing at all
fuck it

Sharing, talking.
It’s hard when your heart has jumped out of your body for a bit.
Because the world is not whole and therefore you aren’t either
But you choose to stay in love
You need to recenter.
I want to learn how to always recenter, before acting.
Before talking.
Before sharing.

Many times in my life, I have been living in between.
In between worlds.
The you-and-me worlds,
But also between our celestial world and this Earthly reality.
I have been pulled down through meetings with other humans, often not in grounded and safe ways but violently, my heart being so torn, in ways not in respect with my being.

I don’t want to blame people ’cause they’re all just human. But right now I wish there were more of us connected children, people fighting for the light, that were in charge of our world as we know it today. Instead of assholes and Trumps and bombers and Jesus-playing-power-men, or -women for that matter.

To speak your language for a moment:
Y’all need to wake the fuck up
Yes I said that
Please wake up

I turn now to my deepest insides.
I turn now to my deepest anchors
And purest truth
I am iron heavy, and I am feather light.
I am what I am what I am how I am.

And I’m being so clear about it.
You’re welcome.
This is for you and me.
You’re welcome.

Clearing the channel

Feel that opening up?

That letting go?

‘Tis the sound of you moving higher; 
Do it with core of body

Do it in connection with roots, 

Not disconnecting them 

So that you can disappear,

Instead letting them 

Grow you higher



Deeper into yourself

; Cleared
Feel that gratitude?

That acceptance of flaws

‘Tis the feeling of grace
Feel it knowing support

Never alone or without speech,

Child you are heard and held

Carried onward and shelled

To betterment and richness  

Of movement,

Ability to listen

Ability to act –

This time ’round;