Immersion & retrieval

Love. I am immersed in it. The bond, the other being, the experience, the thoughts. The world. I am in love with the universe, my world, and his. So avidly and deeply so I need the reminder of letting go. Retrieving myself after immersion so I can feel the experience with more clarity and self connection next time I dive in.
With him it’s easy, because he understands me on these deeper levels. I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful this is. How beautiful he is. I feel as if with this knowledge about ourselves and the world that we already – two such young hearts – have, and with our self awareness, wisdom and love… We can do anything. We have between us the bond to outlast time.
In him I see grateful presence in its pure brilliance. Just being here. Here, you + I + breaths on this Earth, fumbling through and opening up to the fullness of it.

He is my best friend, challenger and lover.