It’s early.

Monday sunrise train from the city out to where I live nowadays.

I have recently started to do readings with symbols, numbers and letters for people. As of a month ago my intuitive abilities seem to have exponentially grown. What makes me even more happy about my matured abilities is that it really seems to support and guide people with hints and karmic patterns from their lives as well as just momentary, daily thoughts and emotions that seem to weigh on our shoulders.

I have walked a significant path to get to where I am today. As a child I had clear knowing of soul truths and most times, felt unable to discuss these with other children, or adults, as I felt they wouldn’t understand. Simply because the intuitions that arrived weren’t part of most holy scriptures written by human words, bound to no specific religion or culture. They are truths involving all people. I’ve long understood truth cannot be told, it can only be known through your intuitive heart and the trees whispers an early morning in the woods. It can be seen in patterns on a leaf, in the way the morning cuppa speaks to your sleepy self. Either way, all of these points have made me breaking out into my potential even more beautiful. In a certain way and light, I have been waiting all my life to be ready to share myself with this world and life and here I am on some kinda threshold of purpose merging with reality.

I am in love and in awe. I’m grateful inside out. I cannot wait to see what happens next.


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