Blunt chaos

Blanca Linder, midnight on a fullmoon 16th October 2016

Sharing a piece of my heart, this full moon night when the world is in such utter chaos. I can’t stay quiet any longer:

I have danced and I have cried and I have ran and I have ridden lately
I have not felt sane
I have slowly started to feel sanely insane.
I yoga myself as a way of surviving
Whether the yoga is asanas,
sharing, talking
or nothing at all
fuck it

Sharing, talking.
It’s hard when your heart has jumped out of your body for a bit.
Because the world is not whole and therefore you aren’t either
But you choose to stay in love
You need to recenter.
I want to learn how to always recenter, before acting.
Before talking.
Before sharing.

Many times in my life, I have been living in between.
In between worlds.
The you-and-me worlds,
But also between our celestial world and this Earthly reality.
I have been pulled down through meetings with other humans, often not in grounded and safe ways but violently, my heart being so torn, in ways not in respect with my being.

I don’t want to blame people ’cause they’re all just human. But right now I wish there were more of us connected children, people fighting for the light, that were in charge of our world as we know it today. Instead of assholes and Trumps and bombers and Jesus-playing-power-men, or -women for that matter.

To speak your language for a moment:
Y’all need to wake the fuck up
Yes I said that
Please wake up

I turn now to my deepest insides.
I turn now to my deepest anchors
And purest truth
I am iron heavy, and I am feather light.
I am what I am what I am how I am.

And I’m being so clear about it.
You’re welcome.
This is for you and me.
You’re welcome.

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