Save the last wild horses

Hi friends, below is a message for justice.

It’s time for humans to wake up, and mother earth shows that when she quakes up and storms over all the time now. It is time for us to join her beat. Rhythm of love can sometimes be thunderous when it is for a good cause. Let’s beat these love drums so flippin hard for justice for all beings of nature.

Right now many thousands of horses have been and are being slaughtered in the US for a while. For too long. One horse killed is too long. There’s this one chic doing something about it over at Wild One Tour. About her campaign she says “Wild One Campaign:
– The journey will take me and a small team two months from Los Angeles to Palomino Valley, where 50,000 horses are confined in 3% of their allowed space.
– I will document the entire journey on social media  urging everyone to spread the message and will perform at several venues raising awareness and funds for the campaign.”
We also had the sacred lands of the Native Americans stolen recently over at Standing Rock. They say colonialism like it’s an antique concept? Pffft. They say they wanna make America great again? Then you might wanna settle peace on your own land before you go and bomb somewhere else (cause bombs are such a great peace tool in the first place).
It’s absurd and idiotic and corporate bullshit… We need to take our voices back as individuals and societies in our western world.

Being a rider and horsewoman myself I could say a lot about why they are the most beautiful animals on earth. However, I won’t at this stage as they are living breathing animals and that should be enough of a reason.
Love ALWAYS wins in the end. The question is how long we wanna wait until that happens, and what we lose in the process.

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