VOICE – Healing through creativity

A film made by Blanca Linder & Hannah Salter.
Cinematography by Blanca Linder, Hannah Salter
Post production & spoken word by Blanca Linder
Music by Jason Barty
Artists: Ana Kuni, Tom Salter, Willem Lavender

Other faces
Our beautiful host family in Guwe Village, Nkay region of Zimbabwe
Warren West
Jason Barty
Ricky Thomas
Mila Dijkema yogini sister

Filmed on location in South Africa & Zimbabwe, Dec 2016 – March 2017

Words cannot express my gratitude felt in the making of this film and the finishing of it, despite the life changing challenges met on the way. The project remains as close to my heart now as it did before and there is one thing I know for sure
This is only the beginning
To everyone who were apart of the vision at any point or along the way, saw it and appreciated it
Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Let us i n s p i r e always and forever learning, supporting, dealing, healing, loving, letting go and starting again.

I love you

VOICE – Healing through creativity” pt 1 from Blanca Linder on Vimeo.

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