One coffee, two coffee, three coffee

One coffee two coffee three coffee
I wrap my legs around morning myself
My fingers around the coffee cup
My hair in a red velvet bun
Torso draped in leopard jumper
Feet happily cold
This day melancholically sweet like toffee
I lay on my side inspecting the insides
And lights of other people’s minds
The pictures stuck in time-space
I adore.

I am free yet I am not
I am only allowing it half way
I think to find out where my boundaries go
Where I meet others
I’m a no show on the outside for now
So I can step my ground
Deep and profound
It’s so okay
To just be okay
And once I allow that, all of a sudden
I am so much more myself
I’m quiet and dandy and fine

The choice is continuously yours,

Laugh and live and let go.

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