Musing today

Musin today

On the nature of my journey

My aspects

My facets

Allowing myself the forgiveness

Of lost dreams, I didn’t know how to create

Or places I went or remained,

despite feeling far from home



The understanding of why I’ve been drawn, alike seaweed, in different directions of the waters’ currents —> by both mind and heart, it was all to bring me here.

To this place of

Yes, mild confusion,

but also great versatility and a profoundly wide scope of experience —> inner and outer travel, pursuits and mishaps



A deepening trust of where it is I have meandered so far

What it is I have learnt

How it is I have evolved [or not]

And what parts of myself

I am to breathe life into, in the future



The multidimensionality of my being

Has always been the greatest gift & instrument for lovepower ::: Not always easy to handle

I had to tune in and out of it at times, to be able to ’just be a kid’, ’teenager’, ’young adult’, and heck, human.

Now, I have arrived to a place of merging, integration

Of my being

I am not done, I am not full grown, but I am complete in this moment in time

Yes, still some sadness, regret left

For all the times I didn’t love myself


Stand in my truth

And dare do what my heart told me to

But… nonetheless, I hold

A vibrant, wild, fierce hopefulness, gratitude… and excitement

For life

For future

For myself

and my brilliant co creatin friends


Speaking the language of trees and stars, oceans and animals but still learning how to do this humankind, kinda thing… ’S always gonna be interestin

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