Ode to Oman (pt 2)

A land of scents potent
A land of air gentler
And less amicable
At the same time

Depending on the hour
Depending on your reflection
Depending on  your sense of spirit, state of heart

So much gold so little safety
So much expression so little freedom
So much purity in femininity
So little space for womanhood to breathe
And the path for strong men set straight
As if he, he and he are all the same?

What happens to the bird once set free?
How can man think she will return to
Her capturer
As she was,
Fast as can be?

He may be born and act in good will…
But must know,
Must sense, know, inspire that
Trust Is Not Regained Overnight

And Love is not a prison
Love is not a contract
Love is not an obligation
Ancestry may be set in stone
But the kin you choose isn’t

There is a heart still beating
I can feel it from afar
Forgotten by all other lands
A pulse of spirit and dignity exists there
This country of my dreams, my first years, young eyes yet I felt
It was not new to me

It is loyalty
It is generousity
And some of your secrets
Still untainted…
Remain so sacred
They can only be spoken in silence
Through eyes seeking nothing out of the other
Only giving
Because this land knows
The eyes are the window to the soul
And one cannot reach another
Without one’s permission
To mutually connect
In the deepest of reverence and respect…
The price when overstepped
Is never forgotten

It must be healed

Richer in the things that make life beautiful
Also in the things that make life unjust

You’re a fire flower
Those who have sought without greed, have seen,
Those who have listened to, know

I wish to set you free
I wish to return your love to you
After all that you gave me

I seem to have never left
I never forgot our mission
I feel your beat

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