Trust the ground,
She is not the one who hurt you

Trust the ground, she has your feet solid…
Her support never fails you who
kiss the earth where you walk,
By the hour you venture forth
and thank her
For all those miles she carried you…

Trust the ground fertile
old or fresh

Trust the ground, life
the abundant
still, steady she grows,
Usually wild,
Sometimes kept together
rarely shaking
Almost never…
Only ever when pushed by the laws of man or time

Trust the ground always means well
Trust she sacrifices her body for you a hundred thousand aeons over and over again
still counting
Trust the ground to give you all you need and you will be bountiful,
Trust the ground as you trust your soul
As you trust the trees whispering her message
And the fruits you get to devour as a result
Trust you can receive because you can give,
And you do,
And you will,
And then love her back,
The way you are,
The way she was created,
The way of compassion

In return,
You will never
Have to worry about a single

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