Dream a new dream

Mars in Pisces, all of this sun, mercury and moon in Sagittarius action! Full faith and big expansion beyond our current realities and comfort zones! TRUST!! NOW is a time, OPEN, GO, Let go!
Let go!
Its been a time where results and karma has slapped us in the face… Faced with the harvests of our thoughts: now manifesting on the real plane: so, big time truth facing and telling in our faces. Nearing the end of this year it all seems timely! for us to be utterly honest in how we want to redirect and refine and better ourselves for this new year.
Here I am crying about memories from past, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, as well as other far away places. All the times we did not go all the way with love when we knew it was our mission to begin with. The times we did not stand in our gentle grace when it was our duty and oath. The times we allowed lesser energies to infiltrate the core essence, the gold and the silver rays intertwined, those of truth and those of royalty. Those of seeing selflessly. those of compassion greater than any obstacle. Those of radical love in its more aligned form and state. Those of humility and open-mindedness to take in everybody’s standpoint. Men and Women and all. North and South. East and West. The Human and the Divine Masculine and Feminine. Power is not exclusive. True power breeds humility. Shallow power comes from insecurity. Be strong. Be brave. Be love all the way…
We are here now for all of us… TO let go of the past… and invite in a brand new hopeful love-potent future beyond our wildest dreams.
Walk with balanced light and truth. Your strength. Your compassion. Your radical love and joy powered by infinite lessons from all that you have encountered so far.
You can feel your soul deepening its nest into your body now. Your soul was always ready, you just had to invite it in with your being, minds willingness, free will, heart and body and psyche… You have all you need. We have all we need. Now go.

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