Magic is

When you are connected to your emotions and being deep enough, so that it transcends space-time, and the worlds within you & the lands you have wandered and travelled, are brought together in your consciousness renewed and unified…

Fuelled by your life energy and universal flow, you are then able to steer and grow the momentum of your experiences to a cohesive whole (a picture of perfect alignment behween that which before seemed separate)… And in that way LIVE ON the energies, lessons and knowledge you gathered whilst away elsewhere… Living on tangible in your everyday moments here and now, continued in your life… Interwoven, perfection.

I am so grateful.

To be an alchemist of love-experience and get to meet and merge beings and worlds within my heart and mind just by breathing, speaking, being present and sharing the wisdoms!

This is me now, post Fuerteventura, back in Sweden, feeling everything…

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