Canary Diaries

I, awakened woman 👁 just awoken
Natures way, body feels the first rays
Breathin fullness, wild unbroken
Voice yet unspoken
Cells tingle in connection & strength,
Heart’s beat of nowness & grace
to be here,
Just be here
Sometimes lost, but all the more… unafraid!


Ocean, Moon, Mountain soul

Do not tame,

Respect my flame… See its truth of gold

I seek the Ready, baby come run wildly sane!

Let’s heal this world, Earth and animals one whole

Let’s play with Nature, sync sacred rhythms,

Watch me receive her kisses, sing her hymns

See me in the flesh & remember my name

Let me know your pulse, who you are

Be bold!

I am one to liberate

Lightbearer, dust of star, your most loyal friend…

I will show you, I’ll guide you home!

This is Why I Came

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