Heartbreak flashback

What followed the end of him and me wasn’t quite what I thought…

I didn’t slam my fists against the ground

Didn’t put up a raging fight

There was a deep inner process of realising it wasn’t about him anymore

It was about me

Owning the experience

Owning the glorious experience of rediscovering myself after seemingly having lost myself;

Letting back in, the energy previously invested in another person’s heart



Complete emptiness

Having let go of all expectations

Not clinging on any further

As to feel completely fulfilled

The simple image of a father holding his baby girls’ hand would enclose my heart in loving gratitude so real and pure; last felt in my childhood…

To break up with people, places or ideas can brilliantly dignify you

You prove your strength, core and purity

You learn the beauty or terror of you; weakness and chaos

You realise all you can truly trust is your own heart

So my love… I hope you know it.

In a room full of people, a teacher once asked us ironically:

“I mean, who ever loved having their heart broken?”. Me and one other guy put up our hands.

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